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Located at 305 Carbondale Rd, 
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Mat classes done with small balls and other props, aid the student and also challenge them.  The classes are conducted in a relaxed but concentrated environment. The classes are open level and because of their small size, can accommodate the newbie to the experienced. Modifications for individual physical limitations are given to students who need them and the atmosphere is always non-judgmental and supportive.

This class is offered on

 Monday  9:00 am - 10:00 am

Wednesday  EVENING  5:30- 6:30 pm

 Friday  10:15am - 11:15 am

Stability Ball Challenge

 This workout has to be one of the most exciting and fast paced of all the classes.  Adding the inherently unstable surface of the ball brings an increased challenge to Pilates moves.

 Perfect for anyone looking to add a new level of challenge to their core strength and stability. Lots of fun! This workout WILL challenge your coodination and balance skills.

This class is offered Friday mornings at

9:00 - 10:00 am  Be Ready to Sweat!!

INSTRUCTOR: Leslie Gleason



This class will show you how you can tone and tighten you're whole body with this class that really makes you sweat and work every major and many smaller muscles of your body without the demanding pounding moves that many cardio classes can. You'll be working the upper body, shoulders, chest, upper back and chest with the ball for the first half of the class. These movements will also get your heart rate up and challenge your core as well.

Then moving on to the step and using a body bar, they come in many weights so the beginner will find they can keep up with the exerciese and when they have mastered the movements with the lighter bar, can move on to a heavier bar.

You'll be using the step to work the lower body, glutes, hamstrings, and calves in this class as well as the inner and outer thighs. You'll be AMAZED as how  the ball and body bar for a great way to pull in and firm your body in ways you never dreamed of! FIRM AND TONED. Give us a call!

INSTRUCTOR:  Leslie Gleason

If you're looking for a evening toning and cardio class this is it!

Tuesday and Thursday

 evenings 6:00-7:00 PM


Saturday mornings, at 10:00 -11:00 am 

570 851-1259


We've added a new twist to the PILATES MAT class on Wednesday morning. The FOAM roller will give you a great massage, along with giving you a wonderful balance challenge. ALL you'll need to find the release to your muscles and core work.

The best thing about this class is that we all will find out where we need a massage while you feel your abs working. Along with some great neck and lower back exercises. You'll feel so wonderful when you walk out the door to start your day!!

Classes Wednesday mornings from 9-10 AM.

INSTRUCTOR: Leslie Gleason

                           BALLET BARRE

The  Barre Class is designed to strengthen your core, tone, balance the whole while raising your heart rate. The intensive work out integrate the use of the ballet barre, and includes light weight and props. You will focus on form and precision while performing isometric movements as your instructor guides you with proper alignment, precision of movements.

The class will end with a wonderful stretching segment.
A great complement to our Pilates, Stability ball and NIA classes, you will enjoy the many challenges and feel the change in your body.

Every Monday evening from 6:00-7:00 PM

INSTRUCTOR is Laura Ancherani

Private Training Sessions

Private sessions are the best way to learn Pilates because working one-on-one with the instructor ensures student’s ability to work through all systems, thus experiencing the whole method. Absolute Pilates private sessions are by appointment only and are 60 minutes in length.
Absolute Pilates personal training provides individual attention with a professional, certified trainer. The sessions will help you establish your personal fitness goals, assess your posture, flexibility and movement patterns and develop a fitness program that could include, but is not limited to, cardiovascular, strength, flexibility, balance and core training utilizing the latest techniques available based on the most up-to-date research and information available. Our trainers have years of personal training experience, and are adept in weight loss programs, free weight and strength formats and core strength programming. Personal training is available by appointment only. 

Our Private training schedules can be adjusted to your busy schedule. Please call us today to get started on your journey.

(570) 851-1259 or email us at

[email protected]


If you're missing the fun and face paced timing of the old step classes, we have brought it back. The response was so great for the 30 min step/ PILATES combo class we wanted to give you what you asked for with a full STEP CLASS. We have 4 inch steps for those of you just starting out.

 OR if you want to take the level up higher you can go to 6 inch steps. COME and try out this GREAT class sweat and have a blast. Thursdays at 6

( we are alternating this in with our CARDIO ball CLASS so if you're just interested in the STEP give me a call and let me know I can add in an exclusive step class as well!)

INSTRUCTOR: Leslie Gleason. Thursday 6-7 PM


Nia Technique

Nia Technique: Body-Mind fitness fusion class-blending inspiration for the dance arts, martial arts, and the healing arts to create a fun, pleasurable, health enhancing workout for people of all ages and levels of fitness the will help you to reconnect to the "joy of moving".

*Class will be conduted in barefeet to improve balance and stability. However follow your body's way, you are welcome to wear shoes, orthotics arch supports etc. If you need or prefer (ballet slippers, jazz shoes, or other flexible soft-soled shoes are good options).

Please keep checking in for more info !

Laura Ancherani - Instructor